Disable Internet MTS on the phone with "Mobile assistant". Just call 0890 and you will be taken to a voice menu. Wait for connection with the operator and explain that you want to deactivate the service of mobile Internet. Be prepared to provide their passport details, as well as to inform the mobile number for which you want to deactivate the service.
Find out through the "Mobile assistant", which you have connected the rate. Most often, subscribers default rate is "BITS", which allows you to surf the Internet on unlimited basis. To disable unlimited Internet "BIT" of MTS, send SMS message with the text of 9950 to the short number 111. To deactivate tariff plan Super BIT send 6280 in the same room. Action to suspend the Internet with other rates you can tell the operator. In addition, the information can be found on the official website of MTS.
Take advantage of the personal Cabinet on the official website of the operator, to disable the Internet from MTS for a day or for a longer period. Use the following instructions to obtain a personal password. Go to connected services and uncheck the box next to all lines that contain the word "Internet".
Please contact any of the customer service centres of the operator, if you need to disable mobile Internet MTS. Here you can get information about the cost of all currently connected service, including the use of the Internet. To disable all or some of them, request a form of withdrawal, complete it and give it to employees. When you call the salon you must have a passport.
In the salon of mobile communication, you can also suspend the Internet if you are using modems from MTS, or even to abandon it. If you do not make it on time, every month, you will accumulate debt due to unpaid subscription fees. Users who no longer feel the need to connect to the Internet, often forget this.
You can disable the automatic connection to the Internet through your phone's settings. If you are not connected tariff with monthly or daily subscription fee, simply don't use the Internet on a mobile phone, and your account will MTS will not be charged for it.