The most important point in choosing a place stay with the child – it is a safety issue. Not worth it to go to places where there is a large crime, where the attack on the tourists, diseases are rampant, there is a high probability of natural disasters, etc. Remember also that the child's body is much worse than an adult to tolerate climate change. For this reason, it is not necessary to prevent extreme temperatures, as well as travel in countries and cities where there are dangerous animals, poisonous insects etc. for Example, such places as Kenya and the Sahara desert is much more suitable for adult guests than kids.

If you decide to go to the sea, pay attention to the countries, cities and resorts where there are good beaches are clean with no hazardous areas and poisonous sea creatures. For example, you can go to Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, and also in some Russian cities, including in Tuapse. It is advisable to stay in good hotels, which are located close luxury beaches. Trip to the sea – great family holiday, you just need to choose the right place.

If you want your child not only relaxed, but also improved their health, choose health resorts. For example, some Mediterranean resorts are extremely useful for children with diseases of the lungs, and the rest in Egypt on the red sea coast can help kids with diseases of the cardiovascular system. A good resort in Bulgaria and the Crimea.

To the child really liked to relax, and you watch him constantly and was able to digress a bit, it is advisable to choose cities and hotels where there are a lot of fun for children. Especially that Turkey is famous for: there you can find children's rooms and professional animators and nannies, and playgrounds, and even restaurants with special menus for kids. One of the best resorts in Antalya, because there children will be able to find everything they need for a wonderful stay.