The easiest and most enjoyable way of spending time on the weekend to organize for yourself or your family a tour of their hometown and its surroundings. But it is better to plan a route, not to wander aimlessly and, in the end, just to fall down from exhaustion. So, you can visit local parks or museums under the open sky. Or book a guided tour, which is usually shown to the tourists – the ruined monasteries, memorable places. And you can attend the festivals or fairs that are held in this moment in your city.

If resources permit, it is possible to have a rest abroad, use the special offers of travel agencies. Weekend tours will help you to have a great time and relax in full.

You can also visit any nearest resort or a sanatorium. Here you can enjoy a relaxing day and completely devote myself all weekend. If you have small children, it is in such places offered a separate cultural program for children of different ages. You can rent a house and to entrust their children to teachers who will deal with them. In this case, your child will find friends that will hold all weekend.

Perfect weekend with the kids may be a walk in the zoo or a visit to the amusement Park. Here you can give vent to his feelings and to feel again in my childhood!

Take some time to unwind, organizing a road trip to the nearest town. On the way you will also be able to visit interesting places or just to enjoy the surrounding views.

If you have beckons the rest "savage", the weekend was a great opportunity to fulfill this dream. Tents and picnic on the grass – that can compare with this! Most importantly, carefully prepare for this trip and to take all necessary, in order not to be left in the woods without food or not to get lost.