The resorts of Krasnodar region and the Crimea

Russian and Ukrainian coast of the Black sea is a favorite vacation spot of many tourists. In season, the beaches there are crowded. But travelers in no hurry to change the familiar resorts on the other. Many are accustomed to remove the same house, it is convenient to them and not want to look for anything else. Others like the fact that there is no language barrier, the resorts you can pay in rubles for their visit do not need a passport. But that all benefits and limited. The ratio price - quality in the Crimea and on the Russian coast of the Black sea, much inferior to foreign analogues.

Deciding to go to the Black sea, decide what you want. A quality vacation in the Crimea and Russia is very expensive. For the money, you can fly to Turkey or Egypt in a nice hotel with all inclusive.

Abkhazia and Georgia - whether to visit the coast?

Tourism in Abkhazia and Georgia is being actively developed. In addition to remaining from the Soviet era resorts, the opening of new comfortable hotels, built the infrastructure that helps the tourist to feel as comfortable as possible. The prices for rent of room, food, food in cafes, even not going through the roof, staying on budget. In addition, on the beaches you can always find a free place not have to go to the sea, stepping over the bodies of the other campers. These countries have very rich history, a visit will be interesting for those who like to learn new things, and not just lie on the beach.

The black sea attracts not only beaches, but also unique climate. It is good for asthma patients, for small children and the elderly.

Romania and Bulgaria - where to relax

Bulgaria is famous for its long sandy beaches. In addition, there are other benefits. The cost of accommodation in hotels and apartments are lower than in the Crimea and Krasnodar region. While in the towns there are all necessary amenities - hospitals, malls, playgrounds, and amusement parks. The streets are very clean, green, grows a lot of roses.

Romania while developing beach tourism. To call this country ideal for rest impossible. Yes, on the coast there are good hotels, but most often they stand apart. The nearest settlements have to travel by taxi. And this is done on purpose. A significant part of the population are Roma, who are happy to borrow from the tourist wallet or camera. So to be in the settlements, especially the Roma, not safe.