Where can I go to beach lovers

To visit beloved by millions of Russians Egypt in the summer is not recommended because at this time of year it is very hot. For example, in June the average temperature is +34оС. It is better to stop the choice on Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia. The summer months there is also very warm, but still cooler than on the coast of the red sea. In addition, on the coast of the Greek Islands (including such popular tourist destination as Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, KOs and others), almost constantly blowing breeze that softens the heat.

If finances allow, you can go to tropical Islands, for example, the Maldives, Mauritius, Barbados, Cuba. There are beautiful sandy beaches and very clear sea. But to visit the island in June is not necessary, as there at this time is very rainy weather.

If the family goes to relax with young children, especially non-swimmers, a good choice would be the Italian seaside resort of Rimini. There are great sandy beaches and a very gentle entry into the water. The temperature in summer ranges from 25-30oC.

Beach lovers can relax in the resorts of Krasnodar region. On the black sea coast, beautiful nature and lots of interesting sights. The sea of Azov monotonous and almost devoid of vegetation, but the water in this shallow pond is very warm in summer. In addition, the rest of it leaner and more troublesome, because you do not have to apply for a visa.

If the person does not tolerate heat, it makes more sense to stop the choice on seaside resorts of the Baltic States – Jurmala, Palanga. However, the water in the Baltic sea even in the height of summer is pretty cool, but there will be no problems with acclimatization. Finally, you can go to a sanatorium or recreation facility, which is located on the banks of the river, lake or reservoir, which has a beach.

Where to spend time for outdoor enthusiasts

Not all people prefer in the summer to swim and sunbathe, sometimes going on excursions to local attractions. Many people like active rest. Offers hikes of various difficulty, Hiking, horseback riding and river. Many gardeners prefer to spend summer vacation in the cottages, where there is always work.

Some tourists travel to the summer bus tour on the different countries of Europe to in a relatively short time to see more sights. Also for lovers of active leisure, you can book the hotel in some conveniently located city, and drive to the neighboring cities by public transport. For example, from the popular Italian resort of Rimini, on the Northern coast of the Adriatic sea, you can easily reach the cities of Bologna, Ravenna, where many monuments of history and architecture. From Bologna, in turn, takes you to Verona and Florence, which abound with beautiful sights.