The resorts of Greece are very popular in the first month of summer. The intense heat has not yet arrived, but the air and the water is already warmed up for an unforgettable beach holiday. The air by mid-June, reaches +30°C, and water temperatures about +23°C. of the Greek resorts are ideal for families with children. From a wide variety of accommodation to choose one that meets the requirements of each family member. Many of them work on system "All inclusive" and offer a children's menu, animation and interesting excursion. However, it should be noted that the weather in the Greek Islands can be a few degrees cooler than the mainland resorts.
A holiday in Italy is perfect for those who like to combine beach holidays and educational excursions. Air in June on the Italian resorts warms up to +27°C, and water temperature reaches +24°C. Treat yourself to the warm sun, enjoy the beautiful seaside scenery, try fine cuisine, and expand your horizons, touching the great culture of this country.
For those wishing to improve their health and recuperate after a busy year, you can visit the resorts of Croatia, which are famous for ecologically clean beaches and fresh mountain air. However, for a comfortable bathing more suited to the second half of June, when the temperature reaches an average of +25°C, and the water warms up to 23°C. the Mild climate of Croatia is great for families with small children.
The red sea resorts are also popular in early summer. In Egypt there is no exhausting heat, which is so acute in other summer months, and can more than enjoy the warm sea, gentle sun and rich excursion program. Especially will like holidays in Egypt diving enthusiasts, for the beauty of the depths of the red sea is fascinating spirit. The temperature in June is about +32°C, the sea warms up to 27°C.
Turkish resorts are very popular in June. Air and water in the second half of the month already sufficiently warmed up for a full beach holiday. However, on Turkish beaches do not have such an influx of tourists as in July and August, and prices will pleasantly surprise you. In Turkey there are all conditions for good rest with children, a great range of hotels working on system "All inclusive", rich excursion program, tailored for the youngest guests, special food and interesting animation.
Very comfortable in June in Cyprus, especially in the second half of the month, when the air warms up +30°C, and water up to +25°C. while relaxing you can enjoy the unforgettable beauty of the island, to try healthy and tasty local cuisine, visiting interesting local attractions. The cost of trips to Cyprus in June is much lower than in other summer months, which will also be a pleasant surprise when forming holiday budget.
If you have planned not only to relax on the coast, but also to improve your body, then it's time to visit Israel. Dead sea mud have different healing properties. They contain large amounts of minerals, which when applied to the skin, promote the rejuvenation of the skin, eliminate toxins, help in the treatment of various dermatological diseases. The first month of summer is already quite hot in Israel, but it is much inferior to July and August. The air in June warms up to +35°C, and the temperature of the Dead sea water reaches +28°C.
In June you can go on an unforgettable journey to the island of Bali in Indonesia. This is a real "Paradise", which is buried in verdure of exotic plants, striking splendor of comfortable beaches, warm sun, the beauty of ancient temples and stunning views. Water temperature in June is around +28°C, and the air warms up in the afternoon to +31°C. the Rest is not Bali, as a rule, does not apply to the budget, but a memorable experience that will remain after his visit, worth it.