If you are an invalid of the first group, know that you are eligible for a 50% discount on payment for public utility services such as gas, water, electricity and heating, as well as 50% discount for payment home phone and medicines prescribed by a doctor and included in the list of preferential medicines. 50% discount is also provided for travel by rail or by air during the "autumn-spring".
In addition, you get free travel on any form of urban and suburban transport, mandatory leave equal to 30 calendar days leave without pay of 60 calendar days and a free Spa treatment once a year.
The list of benefits granted to invalids of the first group are a reduction of the working day or working week and a ban on involvement in night work, overtime without their prior consent. Released disabled of the first group and from the payment of land tax.
If you have a second group of disability, you are entitled to the same benefits as for disabled of the first group. In addition to these, you are partially exempt from the payment of taxes associated with ownership of vehicles and real estate.
People with the third group of disability provided a lower level of benefits compared to disabled first and second groups. In the list of benefits includes: free travel on public transport (except taxi), 50% discount on travel by rail during the "autumn-spring", free Spa treatment, 1 time in 2 years.
Invalids of the third group can claim on compulsory leave of 26 calendar days, and leave without pay with a duration of 30 calendar days. With the consent of the management of the organization, a third group disabled may work part-time or part-time. The salary will be Pro rata to time. In the list of benefits for people includes the prohibition of forcible engaging them in night or overtime work.
Persons with disabilities and the first, second, and third groups are eligible for monthly cash benefits, the amount of which does not depend on their seniority and the circumstances under which was the injury or illness leading to disability.