To 1 group health in adults include people who do not have chronic diseases. A cold sore it is quite rare. Blood pressure they always kept in the normal range. Sometimes there may be a small increase or decrease that do not bring significant changes in a person's life.
Usually people with first group of health lead an active lifestyle, do not drink alcoholic beverages and do not smoke. They are trying to eat right and not sit on hard diets.
To 2 health group include people with chronic diseases that do not affect their ability to work. Such people often have bad habits, they don't always eat right and lead a sedentary lifestyle.
The third group of health often include the elderly and people with disabilities. They can partially or completely lose their ability to work and have often exacerbated chronic disease.
In children there are 5 health groups that are exposed differently than adults. The first group includes absolutely healthy children who do not have disabilities. Mental and physical development of the child is not rejected, and age-appropriate. Such children have congenital defects and all of their internal organs are completely healthy. This group is quite rare.
To 2 health group include children, with health there are some problems. For example, frequent disease SARS, or allergies. It is not rare in this group includes children with chronic diseases that are in remission. Sick of these children not more than 4 times a year. The second group has 2 subgroups "A" and "B".
The 3rd group includes children with chronic illness with frequent remissions. While they may have physical disabilities. 3 group includes children with chronic gastritis, obesity, anemia, stuttering, pyelonephritis, flat feet, bronchitis, EDIT or adenoids.
To 4 health group will include children with physical disabilities, with chronic diseases with exacerbations and complications of the underlying disease. Such children have impaired health, but their overall condition is generally OK. Suffer such children often hyperthyroidism, hypertension, epilepsy, or progressive scoliosis.
5 health group is considered the most severe. It includes disabled children with obvious physical disabilities common illnesses with complications. Such children often do not attend kindergartens and educational institutions.