Depending on what you have group of disability, and what limitations it imposes on you, start to look for work.
If you have an injury or accident the visually impaired or the hearing, stand on record in the society of the blind or deaf in your place of residence. It is possible that you'll give direction to the work, as these organizations have an extensive network of enterprises, which produces many consumer goods.
If you have a second group of disability partial disability you can register with the local employment service. Be sure to present the certificate VTEK and disabled card. The certificate shall be stated, on what types of work you have limitations. In the case of emergencies the employer will not bear for you responsibility.
Usually people with disabilities take the job reluctantly, so in that case violated the LABOR code, please contact your local Chapter of the society of people with disabilities that they understood the situation, as any public institution of quotas for employment for persons with disabilities. A private company introduces such quotas at their own discretion, in accordance with the conditions of labour and manufactured products or provided services.
If you have a second or third group of disability with full incapacity for work, immediately contact your local society for the disabled, where you can get help with employment (public works or part time job).
If you are disabled from childhood, then you need to first get an education in higher education, especially to enroll in public institutions of higher education can be out of the contest, simply by filing documents with the results of the exam. Check the list of universities which carry out reception of persons with disabilities to education and choose a specialty. Apply and wait for admission.
If you have after receiving disability no longer have the opportunity to work on a specialty, will receive in-person or remotely the second higher education at the place of residence or in another region. However, in Russia to free the second higher education can only invalids of the third group. Will graduated from the courses of additional education or perekvalifitsiruetsya.
Engage in entrepreneurial activities. The employment service will provide you with all the necessary support for the collection of documents for opening an emergency. Please note that disabled entrepreneurs are exempt from paying certain taxes.
If you have a computer and access to the Internet, start to work remotely. Before you start work, finish some courses related to computers and IT. This will help you to find more interesting and highly paid job. But in any case, do not transfer money from his account before (and after) will start working at home: in one hundred cases out of a hundred you will be deceived.