You will need
  • reference Bureau of the ITU of the assignment of II group of disability;
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • - the policy of obligatory medical insurance;
  • - the pension certificate;
  • - other documents on demand of bodies of social protection.
Invalids of the second group have the right to cash benefit, which consists of pension charges for disability and monthly monetary payments (EDV). The amount of the pension is determined by the state for each disability group. It can be increased depending on the number of dependents, for example young children, under the care of a person with disabilities. The revision of the minimum pension payments and allowances to disabled persons of all groups is performed only by the decision of the Federal authorities.
Monthly payments from 2005 set the disabled of the second group instead of some of the concessions offered previously in its natural form. The size EDV is calculated in accordance with Federal regulations in effect at the time of treatment of the disabled person for payment.
The beneficiaries of the second group have the right to receive social services - "social package". It includes: provision of medicines, rehabilitation of health in sanatoria and health resorts, free transportation to the place of treatment and back long-distance and suburban transport.
Disabled given the right to choose the type of benefits: natural form or cash equivalent. If a person wants to receive the money, according to his personal statement to the Department Pension Fund, this amount is added to the EDV. You can use a combined scheme. In this case, money is replaced by part of the benefits package. For example, the disabled person has decided to obtain medications for free, and the benefits for sanatorium-resort treatment and travel costs to replace cash compensation.
It is extremely important for people with disabilities are incentives for individual rehabilitation. These measures of social support provided to persons with disabilities on two fronts: from the Federal budget and regional target programs. On favorable terms can be obtained: wheelchair, prosthesis, hearing AIDS, orthopaedic shoes, bandages, etc.
People with disabilities are entitled to social services. In the list of services provided by a social worker, most often included the following: home care for a single disabled person, assistance in obtaining patients medical, legal, social services, assistance in leisure activities, vocational training, employment, etc. Social services are provided at the request of the disabled person and can be free and partly paid. Free services are social security beneficiaries whose incomes are below the regional subsistence minimum.
For owners of the second group of disability the state provides benefits in the educational sphere. To a greater extent they will be useful for young people with disabilities, seeking to realize yourself in any profession. The production of a certificate from the Bureau of the ITU is disabled out of the competition, enrolled in the University or College for free. Prerequisite is only the successful passing of entrance examinations. During the training period the disabled stipend will be paid regardless of the level of achievement.
Employers must establish an employee having second-degree disability, shortened work week (35 hours) and maintain full salary. To attract patients to overtime work only in the absence of medical contraindications and with the written consent of the disabled person.
Housing benefits for owners of the second group include a discount for payment of state or municipal residential premises in the amount of 50% to utilities in any residential Fund in the amount of 50%. If certain chronic diseases (as approved by the Government of the Russian Federation to the list) with disability must be provided with housing on favorable terms.
Benefits you can use when paying personal income tax, transport, land and property taxes. In some cases persons with disabilities are fully exempt from payment of state fees and partially from payment of notarial services.