You will need
  • - passport;
  • - visit to a specialized cashier Railways.
Find specialized cashier Railways, selling tickets on credit. At the beginning of the provision of services such appeared only in major cities railway stations and Transagentstvo. But over time their number should increase with the coverage of smaller stations.
Inform the cashier that you want to purchase a ticket on credit and present your passport. Also answer the additional questions of the cashier. Most likely, the Bank will need information about your place of work, average monthly income, various contact phone numbers: home, work, mobile. If your current address differs from the one in the passport the place of residence, also inform him. The decision about the credit of Bank, the assurance of its representatives and the management of the Railways, takes about two minutes.
Verbalize all information about a future trip in case of a positive decision on the loan when and where you are going, how many tickets you need, in one direction or back and forth, comments on departure time or train number, type and class of the car, comments about the tier of seats (upper or lower), their location (in the same compartment, not near the toilet, not the side of the reserved seat, etc.), existing passengers benefits if any.
Make a selection from the cashier options. If necessary and possible ask to see what is offered on other dates.
Pay for your ticket with a credit card, which the cashier will issue you with positive decision of the Bank regarding the loan. Will receive a printed form of the ticket and check it on the spot.
Ask the cashier about the available methods of repayment. Try to repay the debt within fifty-five days from the moment of ticket issuance. This will allow you not to overpay for the loan of a penny.