You will need
  • - passport;
  • - cash or credit card.
Try not to take a ticket for the afternoon flight "Sapsan", for example going from Moscow to St. Petersburg at 13:00. The tickets cost more than other similar trains. Guaranteed to count on the lowest prices possible you can, by choosing the first Sapsan departs from the starting point of their route early in the morning, for example from Moscow to the Northern capital - in 6:45. Cheaper than the day flights can also cost the tickets for the last evening "Sapsan". When you purchase a ticket on the website RZD, you will have the possibility to choose for the price of the train, as in the list of available travel options in the information about each part is the price of the cheapest ticket. Do not hesitate and ask the cashier to sell you a ticket to the "Sapsan", which you can go cheaper, if the departure time does not matter.
Use of Fund "Russian Railways", where there is no additional service fee. Is the ticket office at the stations, except the service center, and in some cities and Transagentstvo. For example, in Moscow it is not necessary to pay extra at the ticket office of the Moscow railway Agency between Leningradsky and Yaroslavsky railway stations, opposite the exit from the metro station "Komsomolskaya". When purchasing tickets online, use the websites of the intermediaries, taking extra money for their services, and the official website of JSC "RZD".
Purchase tickets for "Sapsan" from there and back. For this you will receive a discount of ten percent, provided, however, that the trip will be made on the "Peregrine".
Take the tickets possible in advance. The more time until the day of your departure, the more chances you have to take a seat in economy class. In trains "Sapsan" there are two classes of service: economy and business. Business class differs from the economy more comfortable cars and a large set is included in the ticket price of services. However, it is twice as expensive.
Please read carefully the information about the tariff policy of JSC "Russian Railways" and consider when planning a trip. On the railway has its periods of high and low prices. In the summer the tickets are more expensive than spring and fall rates also increase during the Christmas holidays and before public holidays. Although if you sit in the train on 31 December or may 9, the ticket you will sell at the cheapest rate possible. Information about the periods of the discounts and surcharges you can find in train stations and in cars of trains of distant following, the website of JSC "RZD" will consult you on this question and any reference in the railway.
Find out about the latest at the time of departure of your train discounts - it is possible that in this period there may be additional promotions or coupons to save on a train "Sapsan". The sources of this information are the same as in the previous step.
Buy a ticket over the Internet, if not doing it in the same city, where you plan to go on the "Peregrine". In such a situation, the cash you have to pay an extra fee for purchasing a ticket from a different station. By using the website of JSC "RZD" it is not taken: where ever you go, you pay the same.