Choose the right time to travel. In some periods the price of rail tickets decreases. A discount of 10% can be expected in periods 1 to 6 January, from 11 March to 27 April and from 1 October to 1 November. 20% cheaper the tickets are for travel from 10 January to 6 March and from 6 November to 20 December. The lowest prices on 8 and 9 may - tickets for all domestic destinations can be purchased for half the cost.
Use the discount periods on travel to certain areas. For example, the summer can be cheaper to buy a ticket for travel on one of the Russian resorts - Sochi, Novorossiysk and Anapa. Information about these stock changes every year, with fresh suggestions, you can get acquainted on the website of Russian Railways.
Buy the tickets on the Internet. In case you are going to go in a compartment in the car "Lux"class, you will receive a 5% discount when using an electronic ticket.
If your child is disabled, use laid him privileges. He has the right to buy train tickets with 50% discount during the whole year and on one such trip in the summer. Also, this child should receive free travel to the place of treatment and back if necessary. This trip can be done once a year. Benefits and discounts apply to one adult accompanying a disabled child.
In the case when you have custody over a child-orphan, learn about its special benefits. If it has not reached the age of 23 while studying in another city, he is entitled to a free ride on the railroad to the place of study and back once a year.
Use the benefits for children when buying tickets for suburban railway transport. To do this, the child will need to present a certificate from the school or a student card. During the school year discount on the ticket will be 50%.