You will need
  • - a document confirming the right to privileges;
  • - money to buy a ticket or pass.
Learn about the fares and possible discounts in your area. Some categories of the population are given the opportunity to free travel. These categories are: veterans and invalids of the great Patriotic and other wars; with disabilities and children with disabilities;- people accompanying the disabled of the first group;- children under five years of age; heroes of labour and home front workers;- children-orphans during their studies;- the survivors of the Chernobyl accident.If you fall under odno of such categories, when ordering a ticket, present your passport and a document confirming the right to benefit, and you will get the opportunity to go for free.
Get a discount of fifty percent on the ticket price, if you are a student or a schoolboy. It is issued when you purchase a ticket upon presentation of a certificate from the school or student ID. But keep in mind that in the summer holidays this rate is not valid.
In some regions of the discounts are eligible and retirees. Check with the ticket office or on the info line train station, your community.
If you are not entitled to any benefits, get travel. It provides for the possibility of making unlimited travel for ten, twenty, thirty or more days. However, if you ride the train daily, the savings can reach fifty percent. For those who travel in the train only to work, the more beneficial will be a special travel for weekdays. Also you can choose another plan discounts, by purchasing a subscription for a fixed number of trips. The more, the cheaper it will cost each separately.