You will need
  • a computer connected to the Internet; a plastic card, passport.
Where to buy — definitely online, as the ticket office you will have to pay a cash fee, and for the ticket there and a ticket back. Visit one of the budget airlines. Airlines engaged in domestic flights in the country, now in Russia only two — Sky Express and Avianova.
Register and pay attention to the ads on the website: very often companies organize promotions, sales and so on, that can help you to save even more on your ticket. Carefully read all suggestions, maybe you're lucky and you can use to purchase tickets on very favorable terms.
Please note that the plug prices are strongly scattered by the calendar, ie the price of tickets varies by date. Choose what is cheaper, of course, if the intended trip is not scheduled for a specific date.
Pay for your order using one of the methods listed on the website. Several of them, but preferred to pay by credit card (Visa and MasterCard).
How to buy cheap tickets on poezdky budget option is to buy tickets on the official website of Russian Railways. So, you don't have to pay a Commission, service fee, besides you, no one can force insurance. Note, however, that the site accepts only credit cards. So, save on railway train tickets:Buy tickets in advance, as the cheapest second-class seats selling out like hot cakes, especially during the holiday season and vacations. Note, however, that recently the top seats in the compartment were worth two times cheaper than the lower, which is about the same as seats in the reserved seat. And don't forget " there is a seasonal reduction factors, they can be viewed on the website.
Go to the website of Russian Railways, sign up. Enter your itinerary and the list of trains, select the train tickets which are cheaper. Note that brand and Express trains are the most expensive.
Pay for tickets by card. If you are traveling without small children, unable to register, no need to print e - tickets at the train station.