Advice 1: Where to buy a ticket for the Aeroexpress to Sheremetyevo

So that passengers can comfortably and quickly without fear of traffic jams, to get to the airport, to the airport goes Aeroexpress. There are several ways to buy tickets for the trip.
Where to buy a ticket for the Aeroexpress to Sheremetyevo

Purchase tickets on the official website. The home page of the resource fill in a special form. Specify the date when you plan to travel and the direction to the airport or to Moscow. Also decide what class you want to go economy or business. The ticket is one-way in first is 320 rubles, the second - 700, but for this money you get access to the Deluxe carriage. When you travel business class you can also choose a specific flight and the seat.

Specify the number travelling, and go to the payment step. You can contribute money by credit card or transfer funds from the account of the cellular operator. After payment you can print your completed ticket, which you should take with you on a trip.

Buy the ticket on the Belarusian railway station or at the airport Sheremetyevo. The cash you will be able to find the signs. Purchase a ticket at the box office in some cases more convenient. You can buy the ticket for cash. Also, in the checkout you can purchase a return trip for 590 rubles, which is cheaper than buying two separate tickets on the website. When purchasing a train ticket at the station available and additional rates, for example, family. For 650 rubles tickets get two adults and three minor children, which they accompany. Also on hand are sold and children's tickets - up to 5 years baby miss for free, and from 5 to 7 for 110 rubles.

The cashier will issue a free ticket, if you have the appropriate privileges. For this you will need to confirm their status certificates or identity or social card of a Muscovite.

If you miss the train and have no time to buy a ticket at the ticket office, purchase it on the spot, in the course of the trip. However, the services of a cashier in the train will cost you 50 rubles to the standard ticket price.

Advice 2 : How to get to Sheremetyevo airport by taxi or Aeroexpress train, public transportation

Sheremetyevo is one of the best airports in Europe to obtain international recognition of passengers. To get to the airport on the Aeroexpress train, taxi and public transport.
Sheremetyevo Airport

Aeroexpress to Sheremetyevo

The Aeroexpress train departs from Belorussky station every day on the schedule, including holidays and weekends. Train to Sheremetyevo airport should be from 5:30am to 00:30am every half hour. The train goes without stops for 30-35 min. From October 2013 to the present time the Belarusian railway station is being renovated, so the exact departure time of the trains it is necessary to know the reference of the terminal "Aeroexpress". Also near future of flight, you can check this by sending an SMS with the message "AE R sh" to number 7878. The answer will come SMS with the schedule the next three flights.

Tickets for Aeroexpress are sold at the cash machines and the usual ticket offices in the terminal and on the website The ticket price is 400 rubles per trip, children under 5 — free. There are also various promotions, "Family", which for R. 810 will be able to make the trip 2 adults and 1-3 children up to 18 years, fare "Children" can be purchased for 130 p. for children aged 5 to 7 years.

The train will take you to the airport to the terminals E and F. If you need to get to other terminals, should sit at the terminal F on the free bus that runs every 15 minutes journey Time — 20 min.

Metro airport

Using the metro to get to Sheremetyevo is not possible, you have to use the transplant. First, you should take the train that goes to the station "Rechnoy Vokzal" (green line). Already there change to the bus No. 949 and the bus №851 to the direction to the airport.

To reach the designated point from the metro station "Planernaya", and from there to the airport goes bus number 817 and route taxi №948. Vehicles take you to all Sheremetyevo terminals alternately.

Buses and taxis

Bus №851 moves off the stop "River station" daily from 05:35 to 00:49 every 10-30 min. Ticket costs 25 p. travel Time — 40 to 50 min. at First pulls up to the terminal B, then F, E, D and back to the final stop. From there goes bus number 949. The fare is 70 p. It first goes to the terminal F, then E, D, B. Departs as required by passengers.

The stop Planernaya daily from 05:30 to 00:08 the path leaves the bus №817. 28 R. it will get you to the terminals. Also to get to the airport by Shuttle bus No. 948. — 40-70 min.

Taxi service cost from 900 up to 1250 R. R., depending on the area of the route. Famous taxi capital taxi" - +7 (499) 403 36 31, "Cheap taxi" - +7 (495) 972 97 00 etc.
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