If you forget your passport, show the cashier your military or student ID, pensioner card, driver's license. The fit and notarized copy of the passport.
In the absence of the passports and copies, neatly write the desired data on the paper, why not print it? If possible, print the data on printer. The cashier of the railway will not accept application with your words and most likely will deny you registration.
If you buy a ticket for another person, show the cashier a copy of the main passport page. For registration of the ticket the following data of a citizen: surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, series and number of passport. Buying a ticket for children up to 14 years, presenting to the cashier a certificate of their birth or a copy. You can also write on a sheet of paper the data – surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, series and number of certificate.
Be careful. Those who you take a ticket, ask them to dictate the reading of your letters. Remember that the slightest error in the names or name can make the ticket invalid.
To simplify the processing of the ticket in advance find out the number and name of the train car. Full information about the schedule of trains is on the official website of Russian Railways. You can also learn about availability in the desired train. Write down all these data on a piece of paper.
Keep in mind that difficulties may arise when buying a ticket for international route. When booking the ticket in another country strictly require a passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or passport.
Remember that for planting in the car you still have to show a real passport. Photocopies or data on a piece of paper for you in the train jail. If the passport is lost forever and no identity documents you have not, please submit a certificate from the police about the lost documents.