You will need
  • - passport;
  • - Bank card or cash.
Open Railways website and click on the "Passengers". If you have an account on the website log in or register if they have not got, and then enter the username and password. After login go to "Buy ticket".
Enter in the appropriate fields the start and end points of a trip and departure date. If necessary, make a box to select "return" and type in the open field date of departure ago.
On the page with the available travel options, you can easily find out the train "Sapsan" on this word after the number and the logo of Russian Railways. Select the most suitable departure time and the availability of the desired class of service. Check the box in the form next to the number of the desired train and click "Continue".
Select the type of car desired class, focusing on the number of available seats and ticket prices.
Enter the personal data of passengers: name, first name, document type (passport, birth certificate or another - select from the list) and its series and number. If you travel with children, choose an available according to their age variant rate (children with place or without) and enter in the next field the date of birth of the child.
Check the information about the order. If you found an error, move to the desired page and correct. Making sure that everything is in order, proceed to the payment page.
Enter in the payment form credit card information (number, holder's name, date of expiration, the code on the back). Give the command to process the payment and wait for confirmation that the transaction was successful. Then return to the website of Russian Railways by using the corresponding links and, if desired, complete the electronic registration. Otherwise, you will have the passports of all passengers to visit the cashier Railways to receive paper tickets.
Tell the cashier when buying a ticket at the railway ticket office departure date and the starting and ending points of the trip, one way ride only if full need tickets or among the passengers are children or beneficiaries. Tell me, what would you like to leave it "Sapsan" and name or number of the cashier the desired departure time, please indicate in which class would like to go. Your passports and other documents of all passengers. Then check on the spot if it is correct on the ticket.