You will need
  • Computer, Internet access, data about the subscriber.
Do you need to find home number phone a particular person or you wish to specify a phone number of any organization, you will easily be able to do so using the electronic version of the telephone directory. This program can be found in specialized shops of your city or download it from the Internet. To download an electronic version of the telephone directory via the Internet, you need to do the following.
Go to the network and visit the main page of any search engine (Yandex, Google, Rambler, etc.). In the query form, write the word "download phone book", specifying the desired city. Then download the app on your computer from any site proposed by the search engine.
After you download the installer phone book on computer check it for threats. This can be done by any antivirus. If the downloaded file is not infected, install the directory on your computer and run the program.
Once the programme is running, you'll find all you need for you room phone. Go to the search filter, and specify the name or address of the subscriber in the appropriate fields. If the room was registered to the name or address, you will be able to see him within a few seconds. It is worth noting that the download should be the latest version of a phone book (they display more relevant information).