You will need
  • - the address of residence of the subscriber;
  • - landline or cell phone;
  • - a computer with Internet access.
In SSA there is a special service, which provides free information about its subscribers. You can call the number 09 or 009, where you can specify all the necessary information. In addition to phone numbers and information about subscribers, you can also learn a lot about services in the city, for example, telephone numbers of taxi, airline ticket office, ordering products and various services, and even to consult an attorney or a competent tour operator. To call but the numbers 09 and 009 can with a landline in Moscow.
In addition to background services in SSA have a Single Contact number, 8 495 636-0-636. Unlike the previous version, it is available from any telephone, including cellular. Having called on it, you can not only get the right information, but also to see whether your account of debts, ask them to make details of calls and even to call home in the wizard of MGTS.
There are numerous services and databases online that contain all the information about telephone numbers or addresses of subscribers. For example, you can use the directory "White pages of Moscow", located at There you can find out the caller's number, knowing about him only one thing, for example, only the address or only the name and the surname. This service will also help to identify who is bothering you with phone calls if this happens. Use of the site is totally free. There are other references, for example,