You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
At the moment in the capital of Russia is home to just over twelve million people and most of them uses modern means of telecommunication, and mobile as well as stationary. Mobile phone numbers usually do not have a permanent binding, but you can get the address of the person to which you have a SIM card with that number. You need to know which operator serves this room. Such help you can provide, if you contact the help Desk by phone 09. Getting the information you need, you can go to the nearest service center of the operator where you will need to state your request and explain why it is important for you to find a person who has registered his name on the number.
If the number belongs to a legal entity, namely any office, then your chances are significantly increased. You can use these directories, which lists all currently existing companies. Similar databases exist on the Internet, for example, and one of the most important portals on this subject.
Directories of business of Moscow did not help you? Then it is possible that the number which is in your hands, belongs to the ordinary citizen of the capital. You can find him using illegal databases that can be easily found using search engines. But we must remember that the probability of the truthfulness of the information contained in such books, is fairly small. There is another way, but it requires your personal presence in the capital. You will need to contact the information Desk of the city (CASB), which is located at number ten on Krasnoproletarskaya street. You will have to fill out an application, which will need to specify why you wanted this room. This procedure is free of charge, but it usually takes a lot of time.