You will need
  • confirmation of mailing other owners a share in the apartment offer to sell stating the price and other essential terms and conditions of their receipt of this proposal;
  • standard set of documents for share in the apartment for sale property;
  • - notary services.
According to the law a prior right to purchase have other owners of a share or shares in the same apartment. The seller is obliged to notify them of the sale and within one month to wait for the decision. Only if they refuse or ignore the message, you can set the option in the open market. But only if there is written evidence that all parties having pre-emptive right of purchase, the warning had been received. If all parties refuse to buy and are ready to issue the certificate notarized, you can restrict the oral proposal and design failures. But in practice this is rarely possible.
In other cases, it is optimal to send the proposal by mail with return receipt requested.
If the location of some of the owners are unknown, will have to send the request to the last known place of residence and get a certificate from the address table of the impossibility to establish his whereabouts.
An important caveat is to sell its share to third parties only at a price not lower offered to owners with preferential right of purchase. Each reduction procedure with the deals and months waiting is repeated again. And only after all the owners of other shares refused or ignored it and found a buyer on the side, you can start preparing the documents for processing the transaction. In this case, special technology different from sales of other real estate not.
The sale of shares in a Studio apartment need to be prepared for the fact that such a proposal will attract even fewer buyers than the proportion in the form of the house (especially with a separate entrance or the device) or even in the form of an isolated room. As the room one, living in this apartment will be impossible. So it is better to try to negotiate with other owners and to sell the apartment as a whole, and the money divided in proportion to each. Otherwise, if anyone interested in this option, only at a symbolic price.