You will need
  • -notarized authorization from all owners
  • -the decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, if the other owner is a minor or incompetent
  • notification if the second owner does not give permission for sale
  • -extract from the cadastral passport
  • -agreement of purchase and sale
  • -the act of transfer and acceptance
  • the court decision, if the share in kind cannot be
The sale of the apartment and the two owners will receive from the second owner notarized authorization for sale. If the second owner against sales and does not give permission to sell the apartment only after the allocation of your share.
If you allocated your share in kind, the second owner shall have the right on primary purchase of your share. For this it is necessary to send by registered mail a notarized notice of the terms of the transaction and the price of your shares. After a month of the default owner you can sell your share to another person.
If the apartment is not possible the allocation of shares in kind, all differences are resolved in the courts.
If the place of residence and being the second owner is unknown, or it is listed as wanted or missing persons, to sell an apartment can be without him, but if he shows up for one year and to claim their rights to the apartment the transaction of sale is void. In this case you have to return the money to buyers with payment for moral and material damage.
If the second owner is a minor or incompetent, in addition to notary authorization of legal representatives require resolution of the bodies of guardianship and guardianship about possibility of sale. Thus, a minor or incompetent person may be required to provide similar living conditions the living space.
If a minor or incompetent owner will be relocated in the worst living conditions, according to the statement of the legal representatives of the transaction of sale and purchase may invalidate.
The rest of the apartment is no different from ordinary transactions. Must obtain the extract from the cadastral passport, write out all of housing and get a certificate that all prescribed. To execute the notarial contract of sale, the act of transfer and acceptance and register of ownership rights to buyers.