If you look at the sites where real estate agencies, and individuals usually advertise the sale of apartments and rooms, it can be concluded that finding the right price and area room enough just. A lot of them, but why sell such a property will be difficult due to high competition among sellers.

The main problem of the sale-purchase of rooms - the necessity of obtaining the consent of the neighbors for sale to a third party, because according to our legislation the neighbours have the right of pre-emption. But the neighbors can not live in their own property real estate, or just shit. But even if problems in this matter with neighbors arose, when staying in the apartment may have problems. Neighbors can present the most unexpected and absurd claim, which may even be contrary to law. Also, if you wish to donate a room for rent, roommates can disturb to live in it tenants.

But fear is not only neighbors who can challenge the transaction of purchase and sale or just to live and let live. Should carefully study the documents to sell the house - if the price is too low have to suspect that is not sold and share in the apartment, that is, the right of use of the room between all the owners is not defined. In this case, it may be that the proportion of the apartment you own, but to live or rent such property impossible.

From the above we must conclude that if it is impossible to buy a separate apartment, a room you can buy, but very carefully. We should not participate in "grey" schemes of sale, when the room offered, but is not transferred under the contract of sale. It is also necessary to monitor that the rights of use have been divided and you received a certain room, not just a share in the common property. And of course, we need to look at all the neighbors, not to live among drug addicts and alcoholics who will not live quietly without a person such as their habits.