If you have a new sample container with its valve, contact your usual stations. You will produce a full tank of gas in just a few minutes. Holders cylinder old model will be disappointed, unfortunately, to fill them at gas stations is prohibited by law, which is true sometimes broken. In any case, my luck still stands.
Contact the facility shift cylinders. Residents of villages you need to pre-register and pay for the change of the cylinder at the post office or village Council (depending on the region of residence). A shift of the record produced within 2 weeks, sometimes earlier. In the cities at the points of change you can replace an empty cylinder for a full any day. But there is one minus. Often when changing give the cylinder with the bad valve, so pay attention to it. At the point of replacement is not charged, and changed, so to your first tank you will have to leave.
Having an old gas cylinder do not worry, because problems with the gas station is completely solved. Buy valve and reducer, install them on the empty cylinder in accordance with a pattern that is applied to them, and you can safely turn on any gas station. You will make the dressing quite legally, after installing the reducer and the valve is not prohibited by law.