You will need
  • - plywood;
  • - veneer;
  • - synthetic glue;
  • - paint;
  • - lacquer furniture.
If you are a beginner woodworker, it is best to use simple methods of making boards for chess. Select the basis for the product is great. You can take a sheet of plywood. If the repairs were laminate, and it is also nice.
Cut out any of the above material square 43х43 see If you want the result to obtain non-chess Board, the size can be smaller or larger. The main thing is to get a square.
Take masking tape, which has a width of 3 cm (it could also be from repairs). First, glue them to the outside part of the square on the perimeter. Later on this place by a pen you will write with one hand letters, and on the other figures.
Once you have secured the tape at the edge of the perimeter, take masking tape, 5 cm wide, and stick on the Board strips out of it. They should fit snugly to each other and go hand in hand. Begins and ends each tape near the tape, which was pasted on the perimeter.
Take a ruler and pencil. On each tape measure and draw a strip to divide it into squares of 5x5 cm with a Sharp knife around the top and bottom border of the first square in the upper left corner. Pry it with a knife and remove. Next remove the square under it one by one.
In the same way, staggered, delete all the squares across one. Each row should have 4 empty cells. Take the container with black paint and gently spray its contents over the surface, hand made chess boards.
When the paint is fully dry, peel off all the tape. To the place where it was fixed on the perimeter, apply by using black felt-tip pen numbers 1 to 8 – s two parallel sides. Two perpendicular to this email are capital letters from A to H. Cover the entire Board with clear varnish for wood.
Another simple way is burning. Take a square of plywood the right size, also razlikuje into squares. For each cell, which should be dark, bring your tool to burn. First they turn over the perimeter of the cell. And then prisilaite it all. Burned the box rows. Start working from the top of the cell and end up in her bottom.
If you a more complex method of manufacture of a chessboard, then take a piece of plywood the size you want. Cut 8 strips of dark and light veneers. Take gummed tape and staple all the strips inside out so that the light alternated with dark.
Put them vertically and cut into horizontal stripes. Each turned 4 light and 4 dark boxes. Attach these strips to the plywood with the help of synthetic glue. Write marker numbers and letters, and to the edge of the Board fasten the edging rail.