If the car has passengers, dropped them off before starting to refuel. As soon as I started filling the car, get out of the car. Remove all the protective elements that relate to the filling device.
In any case, do not attempt to connect or disconnect the filling gun. Do not switch yourself dispenser. Start the engine only after the disconnected sleeve and cap filling device.

Remember! Pumping gas is a process that requires special attention. Turn off the engine before start filling the car with gas.
Be sure to check tank car for any faults or mechanical damage. If the container is damaged, in any case it is impossible to dispense gas because of the fumes.
Check the clamp that attaches to the cylinder. If you notice that it's lopsided, fill the car with gas is impossible.

Before refuelling of the vehicle must check the period of examination of the cylinder. If the date has expired, renew it, and after that use filling.
The cost of gas at the pump is always different. Not always the price justifies the quality. Very often there is such situation, when the gas is dilute, respectively, the cylinder is not completely filled with gas. In this regard, the quality of the vehicle deteriorates. Find a gas station where you fill the container efficiently. Choose one gas station where you will have the opportunity to refuel constantly. So you'll protect yourself from unsatisfactory filling of the container and will predetermine a reliable work car.