You will need
  • gas canister for refilling lighters, adapters.
In order to fill a refillable lighter with gas, you must first take care of the security of the event. Make sure there are no open flames, e.g. gas stove; no hot objects such as heating apparatus with a filament included electric stove. In no case do not smoke during this time and do not refill the lighter with the other smokers at this point people.
Excellent method of filling is as follows: when the lighter ceased to give flame, open the exhaust valve to the maximum, hold it down for 3-5 minutes at the same time pressing in intake valve a writing end of a ballpoint pen. The remains of the gas would come out before, but not fully - the heat of the lighter in his hand gives the best result. Wrap the intake valve again, as far as possible and leave the lighter to cool for 10-15 minutes.
While the lighter cools to room temperature, hold a gas canister in hand for the same purpose. Usually included with the tank sold a set of six adapters, one of which is connected to the valve of the lighter empirically: it fits snugly into the receiver valve and does not let gas out. Wear appropriate adapter to the nozzle of the spray can and shake vigorously several times.
Take a lighter up to the intake valve; check whether the key is pressed gas flow; if there is no cover on top, insert the spray adaptor into the socket for refilling. For 10-15 seconds, press the upper hand two or three times without pulling to the end of the adapter valve. Repeat this operation several times.
Then leave the lighter on for a few minutes until the gas in it will not heat. After that open the flow of gas stronger light for a few seconds the fire (be careful - the flames get high) - this action is purged from the nozzle coking. Turn down the gas flow to more secure. Now a lighter can be used.