Don't worry, you don't have to remember the capacity of your tank, you will not have to calculate how many liters of not yet spent, and how much you can fill. This process is no different from the usual refueling of the vehicle. You just go to a filling station, stop at the column with the desired fuel. Open the hatch fueltank and insert the gun or trust it to the tanker. After that, as usual, go to the cashier.
The only thing that is different this process is from regular salad – the words that you say to the cashier. Instead of the usual: numbers of speakers, brands of fuel and number of litres, you tell the cashier: the column number, brand of fuel and "tank full" or "until". The process has begun, the pump is turned on, and pours gasoline in the tank of your car. Any additional efforts to make no need, no need to run to the car, looking in the hole of the tank and wait for the moment to disable and take out the gun. Automation will do everything for you. Automobile filling stations are equipped with guns that automatically turn off when filling tank.
If at the gas station there the attendant, following the announcement of the cashier of the column number and the brand of fuel you need to walk to the car and track when you turn off the gun, put it back, close the lid of the petroltank and go to the cashier to pay for fuel.
Payment can occur via two schemes. In the first case, you tell the cashier, "until" and after refueling, pay for the filled amount of gasoline. In another case, you may be asked to pay obviously more fuel, for example: your tank holds 46 litres, and pay you 50. Then the cashier looks, how many liters of fuel will fit in your tank, and returns change over unmade liters.
At the gas station you always ready to give, to help, to guide. Contact the assistant or cashier, and you'll explain everything on the spot.