Advice 1: How to fill scuba

Dive under the water with scuba diving has become a favorite pastime not only divers, but also divers crayfish and other adventurers. Equipment for diving can be bought in the sports shop along with tucked diving. Before the next dive cylinder to fill with air, and it should be done with the observance of certain rules and safety measures.
How to fill scuba
You will need
  • - scuba;
  • - the gas analyzer;
  • petrol compressor;
  • an electric compressor.
To fill the scuba on your own in that case, if you know how to work with compressor equipment. Otherwise, contact the fire service, rescue service or a diving club, a place where seasoned breathing apparatus. Specialist in refilling of cylinders for a fee to fill scuba purified air.
When you are fully underwater equipment and feel the confidence that alone can fill the tank, buy air compressor for filling cylinders. It is expensive, but if you dive a large company and often run by diving, then clubbing the cost of the compressor will be acceptable.
If you go under the water in places where there is no nearby electricity, you'll like the compact gasoline compressor. Make sure that the device is necessarily equipped with a filter for air.
Get a portable electric compressor for filling scuba from the mains. The choice of compressors is quite large and specialists will help you choose the one that will suit your tank.
Before you fill the tank, check the rubber diaphragm and valves. All items must be intact, without cracks and chafing. Check air hoses, valve springs, clips and fixings. In the case of detection of faults, replace worn parts.
Connect the proper scuba gear to the compressor, set the pressure which will stand the cylinder. Start the compressor and open the valve. For filling of scuba with a volume of 14 liters would require about 10 minutes. Seal off the air after driving the cylinder and switch off the compressor.
After you fill the tank, be sure to check the air quality with a gas analyzer. In the presence of impurities will release the air and repeat the process of driving the cylinder.

Advice 2 : How to fill oxygen tank

Sooner or later every oxygen tank you have to refill again. At home you can't do: requires special equipment installed at filling stations.
Filling the tanks at the station
To cope with filling the cylinders with oxygen will not work. The cylinder capacity of forty liters holds gas under pressure of over 200 atmospheres. The oxygen concentration is close to absolute, and the container has a complex structure of the housing and the valve, which allows to compensate for pressure and prevent immediate decompression with a small leak.Such terms are not to recreate in the household, so for filling cylinders with oxygen they go to a gas station.

The principle of operation of the oxygen stations

Standard oxygen station represents the whole complex of units, combined in one technological cycle. This complex includes the station of filtration, oxygen concentrator, high pressure compressors and dispensers. A separate item in the list of components of the oxygen station is the end fittings.

Pre-filtered, dehumidified air flows through the oil-free compressor in the oxygen concentrator. In it, he passes through a cylinder filled with a special synthetic silicate - zeolite. This substance at high pressure passes through itself only oxygen molecules, delaying the remaining gases and water vapor. A large part of the filtered oxygen is supplied to the receiver-drive, while a small amount of gas is expelled through the sorbent filter, blowing the impurities back into the atmosphere, after which the cycle repeats again. From the receiver drive the oxygen is supplied to the distribution system piping filling complex under the action of the high pressure compressor. Using flexible hoses and fittings it is injected into the cylinders for from 15 minutes to several hours.

How to fill oxygen tank

For refueling and forty-two-gallon cylinders should be treated in special treatment plants. Filling stations for industrial use may simultaneously fill a large number of cylinders, while the private gas items do not carry full-time gas station, producing only the exchange of the containers the buyer in full. There is also a mobile refueling points. As a rule, mobile oxygen filling stations have a small trailer that moves the car. Mobile fueling popular in industrial areas and large welding shops, but can also travel around the city.

Sedan cylinders for air and paintball guns can be refilled from the big. You need to have a special filling adapter, although refueling is carried out in most gun stores this subject.
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