You will need
  • Butane gas is triple filtered and lighter.
Like any luxury item, lighters require special attention. They should be kept in good conditions. The main factor in the purchase of lighters is the maintenance of fire, able to burn the desired object. Cigarettes, cigarettes and cigarillos - the main purpose of the use of gas lighters.

The main problem is the gas charge. Because when you refuel you need to learn a few important nuances: butane lighter will not work if front of her dressing is not to release oxygen, which accumulates inside the lighter.
You must use the lighter to the end, i.e. to wait until the gas in the lighter is finally over. After that you should close the lighter and adjust the gas supply valve, which should be put on minimum. Then with a pen or other sharp object push or move the valve the gas. So you make sure that no excess gas in the lighter. Now try carefully removing the fire from the lighter. This will allow to get rid of excess air in the lighter. Proceed to the gas station.
Refilling lighters you will make by butanoyl gas triple cleaning. Why triple cleaning? It's very simple. Three degrees cleaning - guarantee a minimum clogging of the lighter during use the gas. Insert the gas cylinder with a nozzle in the valve for refueling lighters. You will hear a hissing sound. Once the lighter is filled with compressed gas, disconnect the cylinder from the valve of the lighter. If you have never done this, you still feel that gas is no longer coming. Some models of cylinders operate on the principle of metered charging, i.e. you make a few sessions of filling. It is economical in price index of the cylinder.
How to refill lighter gas