Lighters operating on gasoline fuels consist of gasoline container in which the wick is soaked with gasoline. The flame is produced due to the friction of the toothed wheel on the flint. Petrol lighter is durable and reliable. Expensive models the evaporation of gasoline is minimized, as evidenced by the absence of the smell of gasoline when you use. However, let us turn to the question of refueling.
First of all you need to produce all the gasoline that is already in the lighter. Next, remove the insert from the housing of the lighter, lift the felt pad on the bottom of the insert. It is desirable to carry out all work in rubber gloves, especially if you fill up the lighter with gasoline for the first time. This way you can protect your hands from accidental spill of gasoline.
Now slowly saturate the material insert of gasoline, preventing overflow. Insert fuel chamber into the housing of the lighter.
Make sure that not a drop of gasoline was spilled. Wipe the body of the lighter and hands before use. Fuel is explosive!
After the first refueling wear a lighter cover up in a vertical position. Lighter refill only a special gasoline for lighters. Remember that the inhalation of gasoline can be dangerous for your health.