You will need
  • The contract the provision of Internet access.
The most convenient way to control balance - to use the service is automatic alerts about the approaching amount of the advance to a critical level. In this case, the information will be sent by the Internet service provider via SMS message or to your email address. To find out whether your provider is a service in the information section of its website or by calling customer support.
If you have the ability to call customer support, the balance can be obtained from the operator, calling him your account number. The phone number must be specified either in the contract or in its annexes. It will be noted on the website of your provider in the contact section.
Besides, on the website the majority of providers have closed the area, the entrance to which requires authorization. It is usually called "personal Cabinet", sometimes the "statistics server", but in any case there you will be able to see the change history of your account balance. Authentication data (username and password), as a rule, are issued to you along with a contract for Internet services.
Some of the providers give the possibility to check the balance through payment terminals of Sberbank, KIWI, etc. to Know if you find such a service in the FAQ section on the website or over the phone support of your provider of Internet access.
And finally, even in the era of the virtual network, no one can deprive you of the ability to physically move to the nearest office of the Internet service provider and find out your balance. Addresses of offices can be found in the contract or on the website or telephone customer support. Don't forget to bring your account number (preferably a copy of the contract) and any document proving the identity.