The Natal chart is some plan that should go in real life. To learn to read a Natal chart, the necessary knowledge interpretation and combining the meaning of four basic elements in astrology - planets, zodiac signs, aspects and houses. Each element has its own specific meaning and role in human life.

The planets represent the active persons in the destiny of man. Each planet has their role and a role. There are different roles: leader, warrior, judge, mother, father, and many others. All these roles are present in the life of any person. The only question is exactly how people implement these roles in real life.

Zodiac signs reflect the energy, by means which appear on the planet. Sometimes she can match the role sometimes prevents a person to fulfill his purpose and he starts to behave not quite adequate in real life. That is "zodiac" prevent full disclosure of the person and of life in full force. Perhaps the opposite manifestation.

Aspects represent the interaction. You can interpret them as the dialogues of the aspects and the relationships between them. Meet silent roles, and are quite the opposite – the controversial role. The nature of planets, the role may not be the most important as all the planets belong to this role.

The house is the area of the implementation of signs and events. You can interpret them as a scene. Some of the houses quite clearly assume some scenarios of life. Every person, without exception, there is a certain theme, such as children or work. However, it have different personalities appear quite similar actors on the planet. And completely different scene.

Thus, the ability to read a Natal chart, can correctly interpret all the consistent current events and layering details. For example, finding the planet, answering questions, moving on to how the planet feels in your sign of the zodiac, how it interacts with other participants (aspects), their relationships, and where all the events, and that it changes (at home).