Advice 1: How to check the compatibility Natal chart

Using the dates of birth you can find out the index of compatibility and a deeper understanding of your relationship with the person. Someone is found in life as a friend, someone as a partner. Sometimes, people trying to build a family relationship with a partner, but their Natal chart report that the connection can only be of the business, matches planet of love Venus is not, but the man suffers, not knowing the cause of the relationship breakup.
How to check the compatibility Natal chart


Analysis of long-lasting marriages revealed the presence in synastry several factors. In astrology this is called "the kinship sign-a house." Long-lasting happy relationship is guaranteed if one of the partners the Sun is in Leo, and the other the Sun or the Moon in the fifth house or Leo rising. Also the relationship arises: Aries, Mars and I house;...Pisces, Neptune and the twelfth house.

Another related trait is the interaction of the planet in the same element, even if they are outside of the Aurbis. Example: mercury is one of the partners is in 25 degrees Gemini, and the Sun of the other partner in 12 degree of Aquarius, although there is no aspect of a trine, but have a natural understanding.

When applying your Natal chart, you can see the third type of "relative", so if one partner has the aspect of Venus in Capricorn or Saturn in Libra, the other Venus/Saturn, it indicates a General Outlook on love and loyalty.

An important factor in a lasting marriage is the exact connection of the planets-rulers of ASC partners, even if they are in angular houses to each other. Example: one of the partners ascendant Sagittarius has Jupiter at 22 degrees Gemini, and the other ascending Capricorn has Saturn at 22 degrees Gemini. Saturn is responsible for the longevity of relationships, and Jupiter gives confidence to your partner in social life.

When the marriage relationship close to rupture, progressive Venus is one of the partners forms a square to Uranus, Mars or Neptune of the other partner.

Sexual compatibility

The planets of Mars and Venus indicates sexual compatibility of the partners.

In the case that they are located in fire signs: Leo, Aries or Sagittarius is considered that such people have a strong temperament. Unfortunately, they quickly burn out. Passionate in the beginning, get what you want, they weaken the ardor. The positive here is that these signs characterize the faithful partner.

If Mars and Venus are in air signs: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, it negatively affects sexual potential.

When in the Natal chart Venus and Mars are in water signs: Fish, Cancer, Scorpio, such a man is gentle and romantic. It is not peculiar fatal passion.

The location of Mars and Venus in earth signs: Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus makes these people practical in love. For sex they need a comfortable, pleasant environment.

In synastry sexual compatibility is the location of Mars men and Venus women. Trigon, which is formed between the planets in one element also suggests that between the partners there is a strong sexual attachment.

Ideally, when in the synastry of the two partners is square. He is talking not only about sexual compatibility, but that passion will not fade with the years.

Advice 2: How to check the love of a man

Relationship men and women, ideally, are built on mutual affection and friendship, first and foremost, respect, love and passion. But often, looking at his life, we reflect: and whether he is faithful to us as it seems? Does he love really? And maybe in his life a new woman who could replace me?
How to check the love of a man
Trust your heart. Nothing can help with good advice in matters of the heart, as the heart. The reason, of course, a good thing, but agree, often we wound itself, logically, at first glance, interpreting the events. To hide the truth forever is still impossible. If the feelings of men are not the same, he will soon present themselves: either drastically altered the attitude to you, or long absence, or even treason. So while he's around, like struggling.
If you still can't wait to check out your man, you do not need to resort to methods like "If you love me, throw out the window, I look at you!", and then run frantically to stop. If check love, do it quietly. Love is like a bird, it is easy to startle. If every day you will find out from menif he loves you, his answers will soon hear the fatigue and irritation, and once again you will think that something is wrong. And remember: real love is not always gets verbal form. A man may love you, but not to be no need for daily confessions.
In General, to test the love of any one test impossible. The presence or absence of this mysterious feeling is determined from day to day, manifesting itself in actions, speech, manners, eyes. Try to observe your man. If the object of love is near, the male is unlikely to look around. So pay attention to how he looks at you. But do not fold stick: do not ask men this kind of attention when he is working or, and this happens, what can you do watching football.
Love is evident in respect of men for your and his own faults. Real love (and not blind passion) - a sense of creative, not destructive. Love, ideally, lead to the creation of the family, and for the family and he and she have to give up old habits, some weaknesses that did not stop them in their former life and which can harm their family. So look closely: if your man comes to you for concessions when you hint to him about some its features, and dislike, while he is demanding of you, and its demands are reasonable and helpful, then be sure that he take you seriously and loves you.
Love is also fear for the health and welfare of the beloved one. So if your man is out with you on the cold street, immediately to cope, not cold, and without asking you to put on your jacket, take seriously to such attentions. However, be vigilant here, because you could get absent-minded man who will be so regardless of the situation. He may love you immensely, but you accidentally freeze in the cold. The other extreme - Lovelace, which will be every five minutes to ask, not cold, just to demonstrate the attention, although in his heart no feelings for you. Why trust your head and your heart.
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