Get information about the time and place of birth. Particularly important is the time of birth, it must be specified with a precision of seconds or even minutes. As the time of birth shows the individuality and character of a person. Place of birth can mean twists of fate or other events. The erroneous data will lead to a distorted horoscope that will not have correspondence with reality.
After getting all the necessary data, purchase a star map of the planets and other celestial bodies and astrological book that tells about the features and values of the heavenly bodies. Examine all combinations of the heavenly bodies and Zodiac signs. Remember, the significance of the location of stars and planets in a particular Zodiac signs which are combinations of signs and zodiacal era.
Based on available data, calculate a Natal chart or birth chart. In other words, reproduce the schema in which all the celestial bodies located in the same places that at the moment of birth. Draw the circuit graphically using the astrological signs and symbols. Using the data of astrological books, decipher the Natal map. Take your time. This process can take from a few days to several months. The accuracy of your calculation depends on the correctness of the birthday card.