You will need
  • - a deck of Tarot cards;
  • - description of the card values;
  • - description of Tarot readings.
Buy a deck of Tarot cards. They are easy to find in the shops, in the market on the Internet. Some sites even offer free download Tarot. Different deck design: pattern on card may be the simple, schematic, and similar to the paintings of medieval artists. The meaning of the symbols remains the same, but you need to choose the deck that you liked more than others.
"Explore" cardsI. this should be Done in a calm and cozy atmosphere when you will completely free from everyday life and heavy thoughts. Take in hands the whole deck, then randomly pull out a card and put it on the table. Look carefully at the picture, lingering on the details. Remember the feeling and Association that caused you have card. Read its value and compare with their own feelings. For a second, close your eyes and pull the next card. Stop studying the deck when you experience fatigue. Overvoltage will prevent you from intuitively perceiving the Tarot. To the remaining you can come back later.
Continue the study of the symbols of the Tarot. Buy books or browse Internet sites on relevant topics. Shortage of the information you will not. Choose those sources that match more than others with your ideas about Tarot divination. Note an important point: interpretation of the cards in the different predictors may vary slightly. This is due, primarily, with personal experience of the fortuneteller. Over time you also will have its own additions to the basic values of the characters.
Try to remember what he's talking about direct (normal) and inverted (upside-down) position of each card. In the Tarot deck of their 78. At full development, you will need several weeks to six months. Practice your combination of cards and understanding their General meaning. It is important for Tarot intuitive ability to combine characters in the overall scheme of the future.
Work with the deck every day. It does not require much effort but will bring many benefits. You will learn to focus on the emerging images and get used to the everyday meanings of the Tarot. Enter a new tradition – every morning take out from the deck one card. This will be your card of the day. Read the interpretation you dropped out of character and during the day looking for his manifestation in real life situations. For example, you got an inverted map of the Older Arcana of Death. In this position, her value – stagnation in business, fear of change, the forced separation. After a couple of hours you stole a wallet. It is predicted Tarot "forced separation".
Daily predictions add a ritual card selection of week and card of the month. Monday and the first day of each month get out your Tarot and choose the symbol under which it will take some period of time. Never panic, pulling a card with a negative value. Give freedom to your intuition. Let that subconscious, not reason to know the predicted event. Maps open up ordinary life situations, warning or giving hope.
Practice simple hands. The easiest way to master the scheme "Cross". This divination for the near future, on the outcome of a particular situation. For it can be limited to only the major Arcana, of which there are 22. Card lay out in this order: the next two cards, one above them, one below them. It is a kind of cross. Interpretation of alignment:- left card says about the meaning of the problem;- the right map indicates what not to do;- top offers direction; the lower shows the possible outcome of the situation.This is a simple divination will help you to find the intersection of the meanings of the symbols and to transfer abstract values to specific situations.
Go to a fortune teller as a person who wants to know their future. Look in the newspaper or in the Internet the announcement of carrying out of sessions of divination by Tarot cards. It must be done right now, when you have minimal experience reading cards. Observing the divination, you will see how the deck handles and interprets the characters experienced forecaster. If you like his technique, try to negotiate individual learning from the master. For more knowledge you can also get courses, which are held of the esoteric and astrological centers and Internet portals.