Type in the address bar of the browser the link provided at the end of the article. Here you will be able to calculate, using astrology software, Natal chart for yourself or another person, and also to obtain a transcript of all its most important aspects.
In the opened window fill the fields offered by the service to run accurate calculations. This will be the name, date of birth and time.

Now select from the drop-down menu list, the town closest to the place of birth. Geographic coordinates, if you do not know them, will be identified and filled by the program automatically.

To activate, press the "calculate"button.
How to learn how to make horoscope
On the next page, you will find built for you a Natal chart or birth horoscope, which you can see the position of the planets at the time of appearing in this world. Carefully examine it and compare it to the description below. This is the transcript of all the most important aspects of the horoscope.
How to learn how to make horoscope
Read the texts explaining the source for this horoscope situation with inherent abilities, predispositions and an indication of the need to work on weaknesses. It describes the influence of the major planets, their location in the houses of the horoscope and transits.
How to learn how to make horoscope
At the end of the given text, describing all the fine features of a Natal chart, find the bibliography, which was compiled by this interpretation and forecasts. Link to authoritative authors astrologers will help you find additional literature on the topic. Or, on the contrary, to look for another interpretation, you are interested in points.
How to learn how to make horoscope