For payment holiday, you need to calculate the average daily earnings of the employee for 12 months. For its calculation we need to add up all the amounts earned during the 12 months, which was subject to income tax, divide them by 12. The resulting figure divided by the average number of calendar days in a working month, 29.6. The result will be the average daily wage for one day holiday. It should be multiplied by the number of vacation days added to the district factor and take away 13% income tax. The remaining amount will be charged for the vacation.
If in the current period were payments for sick leave or other social benefits, non-taxable, the total amount of earnings for the 12 months, these payments are not included.
In a situation where an employee took unpaid leave for more than 14 days in the billing period, vacation days over one month payments are not subject to or tolerate another vacation for one month.
Labour law an employee is entitled to take paid vacation, after working at the plant for 6 months. In this case, the calculation should be made of the average amounts actually earned cash for taxes. The resulting figure divided by 6. The obtained result is divided by the average number of calendar days in the calculation period. Get the average daily salary for holiday pay. Vacation after 6 months of work you can provide for the whole year. If the employee does not work the allotted time until the next holiday and then leave, the overpaid vacation days must be taken away from the calculation.