You will need
  • Payslip for the previous leave year.
Calculate the actual earnings over the previous 12 months. If the employee goes on vacation in June 2011year, cumulative earnings for the period from 01.06.2010 31.05.2011 for years. In accrued wages will include all types of remuneration, bonuses, allowances and additional payments for special working conditions. Of earnings exclude the payment of sick, financial support, downtime, compensation for travel etc.
The resulting value will be divided by 12, it turns out, the average monthly salary. Then divide it by the ratio of 29.4 (the average number of calendar days in the month), we get average daily earnings.
If the month is not fully worked out, for example, the worker was on sick leave, this time is excluded. Calculate the number of calendar days in the incomplete month. For example, in this year, the hospital was 10 days in July 2010.
29,4 - 31k.days.
That is, the ratio of days worked in July 2010. will: 21x29,4/31 = 19,91.
The formula for calculating vacation is as follows:
in the numerator the salary for the 12 months in the denominator 29,4x11 + 19,91
The average daily wage, multiply by the number of vacation days.