A lot depends on the family. If the person is not returned at the appointed time, it is necessary to sound the alarm. Remember that the earlier you organize, the more likely that lost will quickly find.
If he took to the woods mobile phone and managed to contact him, that is, the signal is, ask him to stay in place, and do urgently, please contact your nearest on MOE. Bearing with the help of modern equipment we can accurately establish the whereabouts of the phone and its hapless owner. The staff of the Ministry by contacting them, you will be able to explain how to get out of the woods, or you can send a team for search and output.
If the mobile phone does not work, please contact the rescue. Try to give them more accurate information about the lost person: where he was going, for how long, what he was wearing. Be sure to bring some of his personal belongings, clothes or shoes. This is to ensure if you need to put a dog on the trail.
You can search with the help of local authorities or the police. Mention that to the police, referring to some departmental instructions, often refuse to accept a missing person (like, if in three days doesn't show, and then come - we'll start to look), so if you need to show persistence.
There is also a public organization dedicated to locating missing people. Help they can be put on the Internet. Contact them, and your loved one will surely go volunteers.
In that case the search will go to local residents, friends or colleagues lost man, you have to rapidly arrange for transport, food, communications. It is better if these issues take on people with similar experiences and opportunities (e.g. managers of local businesses or officials of the local municipality).
Print ads asking for help in the search. Specify the name of the missing, his age, the signs of what he was wearing. These ads layout in villages, public transport, railway stations, located near the forest, where he planned to go.