Why you need a prostate massage?

Prostate gland male reproductive system that produce mucus and watery secretions (juice). Her massage is done to improve blood supply and lymph circulation, and for obtaining the prostatic secretion from the urethra. His analysis gives the opportunity to judge the work of the prostate gland and the patient has inflammatory diseases.

Laboratory analysis of juice prostate will show the number of leukocytes, the presence of bacteria and lecithin granules, and microbiological pattern. Inflammatory disease of the gland dramatically increases the number of white blood cells and decreases the number of lecithin granules, especially for chronic prostatitis and specific. Normal results of a prostate secretion analysis still does not indicate that the patient has no inflammation. In some cases it may be necessary to re-study.
To clarify the diagnosis after analysis of the prostate secretion it is possible to carry out PCR diagnostics of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as the cultures on flora and sensitivity to antibiotics.

What technology intake prostate juice?

The secret of the prostate gland produced by her massage, which is best done in a bent knee-elbow position or on the right side. This is quite an unpleasant procedure, which sometimes causes pain. The urologist doing prostate massage through the rectum.

As a result of the urethra is allocated 2-4 drops of secretion, which is collected in a special container or vial. Using microscope, we conducted a General analysis of the juice and testing for sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, Gardnerella, Trichomonas and yeast fungus). In an unsuccessful attempt to fence the secret explores the first portion of urine, which after the massage will contain a significant number of prostatic juice. For the reliability analysis result, a man should abstain from sex for 3 days.
After collection, the juice of the prostate must be delivered to the laboratory within 1-2 hours, transportation of material must be made in the bag in the refrigerator.

Thus, analysis of juice prostate is an effective method to assess the condition of the prostate. He is appointed for an accurate diagnosis and determining effective treatment are key to recovery.