Container for collecting feces

Collecting feces is made into a sterile container. It can be purchased at any pharmacy. Now there are containers with a spoon attached to the lid. They are very convenient to use.
The alternative - glass jar small size. It should be well washed and scalded.

The collection of feces

The most common method of collecting feces in infants - take it from the diaper. Pediatricians are advised to utilize the disposable gauze diaper. After baby poop, gently collect material from the surface of the diaper. For the collection of feces is possible to use the potty if the toddler has already begun to land on him. After six months babies are given to understand impending defecation, and attentive adult can catch this moment. Thoroughly rinse the pot and pour over boiling water.

Hard or soft feces collect with a spoon attached to a sterile container. You can use another object such as a disposable plastic spoon. It is recommended to collect different portions: the center, top and bottom. It will be enough to collect feces for the volume is incomplete teaspoon.

To collect liquid stool much harder. For this purpose, medical oilcloth. Spread it under the baby. For collecting liquid faeces is also possible to use a pediatric catheter bag. It is sold in pharmacies. It is a small plastic sterile package. It has a hole for the collection analysis and duct tape, with which the bag is attached to the body of the baby. When the baby poop, pour collected in the container.

How to store the collected material

It is recommended to take the study on a fresh analysis. However, to get the baby to poop at a certain time is difficult. Therefore, an analysis in the refrigerator (no more than 12 hours). Please note that the fecal dysbiosis and pathogenic microflora only fresh. You can use the methods of stimulation of the process of bowel movement in order to collect the analysis.

How to stimulate bowel movements

To cause a bowel movement helps the vapor tube. One end smeared with a fat cream and is inserted into the rectum of the baby. After the jeep is empty his bowels. If it is unsuccessful, you can repeat the action in 15 - 20 minutes.
Make the baby a stimulating massage. Warm hands gently massage the belly around the bellybutton in a clockwise direction. This occasionally hold the baby's legs to the tummy. When severe constipation is being used by another massage. Three fingers put in the baby tummy around the navel. The middle finger over popochkoy, index and ring below (they should be located at the same level). To form a triangle. Massage these points clockwise.