The evil ureaplasmosis is that bacteria can stay in the body for years, but did not occur. The carrier can infect partners without even knowing it. Therefore, a constant frequency is required to be tested for the absence of microbes Ureaplasma urealyticum, and Ureaplasma cause.
Tests for this disease are prescribed by gynecologists or urologists. There are several methods for the determination of Ureaplasma.
A swab for STIs is the first analysis that will make the doctor if you suspect sexually transmitted diseases. Take the swab from the urethra or from the walls of the urethra. The resulting material is stained with a special substance and examined under a microscope. Each type of infection is painted in its color. The downside of this study is its inaccuracy. Due to the fact that microbes Ureaplasma is very small, then see them under a microscope is quite a complex task.
The most common method of determining the presence of Ureaplasma in the body is PCR analysis. Deciphering abbreviations sounds like the polymerase chain reaction. It is possible to determine the presence or absence of Ureaplasma. PCR analysis is one of the most accurate, as the study of the material obtained, it is possible to find even a single element of the pathogen. The figure is in the DNA of Ureaplasma. For PCR, the material taken from the mucosa. That is, women have taken a swab from the cervical canal, and in men, a swab of the urethra. The study material lasts about 5 hours. You can even determine the presence of Ureaplasma in a latent form.
Immunofluorescence analysis (IFA) is another species definition of pathogens Ureaplasma. Material for analysis is venous blood. Referral for testing can be obtained from a gynecologist, urologist or physician. Donating blood is best in the morning. A special condition affecting the accuracy of the analysis is to stop taking any antibiotics during the week before the test.
The obtained blood sleduyut for the presence of antibodies. DNA immunoglobulin and a disorder. ELISA analysis is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get tested.
The most effective analysis - culture seeding. In men, the material is taken or a swab from the urethra or the sperm. Women sowing can be collect from the uterus, and urethra or from the vagina. To improve accuracy it is impossible to wash immediately before delivery of the material. Men must complete at least 3 hours after the morning urination. The biomaterial is planted in a special environment and stays there for about 3 days. Then sowing is investigated, and grew up in a supportive environment microorganisms are investigated and diagnosed.