Depending on the degree of spinal curvature is assigned to conservative treatment: a complex therapeutic physical training, massage, exercises in water, nutritious food, fresh air, etc. to Treat curvature of the spine should not be alone – you can master the basic techniques, sports items, and you can do at home, but periodic monitoring is necessary to visit the doctor.

Exercise therapy in the treatment of scoliosis pays great attention to the system of exercises tailored individually, involves regular exercise (bending, stretching, turning, twisting, etc.). The main goal is the strengthening of the muscular frame of his back.

Massage and manual therapy are often used as methods of correction. But if the massage is aimed at the elaboration of muscles by increasing blood circulation and tissue nutrition, the effectiveness of manual therapy for scoliosis is not well studied. Sharp and deep movement, the load on the spine during the session of manual therapy may lead to irreversible changes, the emergence of hypermodernity vertebrae. The method is quite traumatic and inefficient for curvature of the spine above 2 degrees.

Wearing retainer corset helps to keep muscles and joints in a certain position and often used to correct the initial degrees of scoliosis. In scoliosis it is important to strengthen the body, therefore, doctors recommend to swim, do water aerobics, to adjust the condition of the spine in the right position, etc.

All conservative methods of treatment of spine effective only in the first stages of distortion, but they are not always able to stop the process even in children and adolescents. An adult with scoliosis cure is almost impossible, using only conservative methods, therefore, therapy is supportive in nature.

Surgical treatment of scoliosis is prescribed only in extreme cases because of the probability of occurrence of complications. If a person suffers severe pain and it prevents him from properly to work and live, it shows an operation. Progressive deformity of the spine is also an indication for surgical intervention, as this may threaten the activities of the internal organs. Scoliosis is considered a cosmetic defect and if it bothers the patient, the decision about surgical treatment.