You will need
  • instruction to a telephone
First, identify the mode that you already use. Make it simple – if dialing the number that you hear the clicks (number of clicks equal to the number corresponding to the dialed number), the mode pulse. Tone mode is characterized by different pitch tones that can be heard when pressing the buttons with figures.
It is important that you support your phone mode tone dialing. Old rotary phones can only work in pulsed mode. It can also happen that the telephone station is connected to your room, old and analog, so it operates only in pulsed mode. This means that you will not be able to change the tone. But in most cases, modern phones can work in the tone and pulse modes.
Almost all telephone sets (about 90%) switch to the tone mode is very simple – you just press the button star (*). Usually the remaining 10% the majority of the devices has a button on the keyboard TONE or a TONE that changes the dialing modes.
If your phone is from a small number of those devices in which the setting is exceptional and unusual, you will have to find the manual to it and read how to transfer your phone in tone mode. But such models are extremely rare.