You will need
  • Adobe Audition либо Sony Sound Forge
In order to increase the volume of the ringtone, you will need a specialized audio editor. The overall increase in the volume of the track there are many programs, but none of them guarantees the preservation of the euphony of the music.Use Adobe Audition or Sony Sound Forge - these editors have a high processing quality and functionality sufficient to achieve the desired result without any loss of quality. Download and install one of these editors.
Launch the audio editor and then using it in the desired song. To do this, you can access the track via the menu "File - Open" and just drag and drop the ringtone into the program field. Define the boundaries of the future melodies. It is not necessary to establish the call the entire track, enough to cut thirty to forty seconds. Use the cursor to highlight those parts of the track that you don't need, then delete them with the button "delete".
Select the track using the cursor, then use the graphic equalizer to change the frequencies of the track. This is necessary for adaptation of the track to playback on mobile phone. It is necessary to reduce the low frequency, partially by increasing high and mid, or leaving them on the same level. Ensure that transitions were smooth. Be sure to play the version before applying changes.
Use the effect "normalize" or "increase volume" to increase the overall loudness of ringtones after you change the emphasis of the frequencies with the graphic equalizer. Turn up the volume ten-fifteen percent then be sure to listen to the resulting track. Increase the volume until, until you reach the level you need. The resulting test version by copying it to the phone and listened to it.