Phone volume you can increase the default settings, the buttons on the phone or through the touch screen. At the end of the Cabinet locate a button in a silver color. To increase the volume, you must click on the upper part.
If this way to increase the volume fails, try to do it through the phone screen. Open the Settings menu and select Sounds, open the panel sound settings. To increase the volume, move the slider on the blue panel to the right.
Standard sound settings may not produce the desired result, or rather the user may not be satisfied with the maximum volume of the device achieved in this way. In this case, you can adjust the settings of the system files of the phone.
Open the system folder, clicking on a branch /System/Library/Frameworks/Celestial.framework/. Find and open in this folder file SystemSoundMaximumVolume, this file contains the maximum volume setting of the entire system, the appropriate default value is 0.7. Replace this value to 0.99, and then restart the phone.