Advice 1: How increase volume iPhone

Many users of the iPhone complain of insufficient volume of a speaker apparatus. This problem may adversely affect the sound quality of incoming messages or incoming calls, or listening to music in this case becomes difficult. The identified problem can be solved in two ways.
How increase volume iPhone
Phone volume you can increase the default settings, the buttons on the phone or through the touch screen. At the end of the Cabinet locate a button in a silver color. To increase the volume, you must click on the upper part.
If this way to increase the volume fails, try to do it through the phone screen. Open the Settings menu and select Sounds, open the panel sound settings. To increase the volume, move the slider on the blue panel to the right.
Standard sound settings may not produce the desired result, or rather the user may not be satisfied with the maximum volume of the device achieved in this way. In this case, you can adjust the settings of the system files of the phone.
Open the system folder, clicking on a branch /System/Library/Frameworks/Celestial.framework/. Find and open in this folder file SystemSoundMaximumVolume, this file contains the maximum volume setting of the entire system, the appropriate default value is 0.7. Replace this value to 0.99, and then restart the phone.

Advice 2: How to increase speaker volume

It would seem that the power speakers of computer speakers – the value is absolute. But in practice the same column are connected to different computers can give different sound volume. In this case, it is obvious that the reason lies in the source of the sound, i.e. the sound card of the computer, but rather in its settings. Accordingly, to increase the maximum volume of the speakers, you need in most of these settings you dig.
How to increase speaker volume
You will need
  • Computer, speakers, basic skills for setting a computer
First, look at the volume level of the main indicator of the sound. It is located in the lower right corner of the screen, and its icon looks like a small speaker. The slider of the volume level should be set to maximum. If you like this volume level can stop.
If the volume of speakers inadequate, even when the slider adjustment is in the upper position, use the advanced menu to control the sound. To do this in "control Panel" select "sounds and audio devices". Select the submenu "Volume" and click "Advanced". A window will appear with several scales. Install the slider "Sound" in the up position and check the position of the slider of the scale "the General". If you have completed the first step, it must also be at the top, if not, move the slider up.
More versatile tools raise the volume there. However, many manufacturers supply their soundcards device specific software, which often comes with equalizer. If such a program exists, run it from the programs list of the start menu. In the equalizer raise the sound level for all frequencies. However, this method of raising the volume adversely affects the quality of the sound, and they should use sparingly.
Useful advice
Volume control programs often players, make sure to set the maximum volume level.
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