If not all tenants agree with the installation of the intercom, you must hold a General meeting of apartment owners. The fact that the entrance and his door is considered public property of the house, and therefore the decision about installation should be combined. Any owner of property may initiate the holding of such meeting and the General discussion. In the end, the decision "for" or "against" by a majority of votes. So the owner, who plans to abandon the installation of intercom system will have to make a common decision. However, payment is also possible. In addition, the tenant has the right to obtain from the administering organization intercom key from the entrance door.
If your staircase is already installed intercom, and he often breaks down and a service company is not responding to your appeals and complaints, feel free to demand cancellation of the contract. Residents should get together and write a collective letter, which should indicate a detailed list of claims. Further, the letter should convey to the management company, if it concluded the contract with firm-contractor. The owners of apartments in a house located in the municipality, with the request you need to contact the district Council. After review of the claims residents will be offered other company providing services of intercom. But do not forget that on the termination of the former agreement may take from one to two weeks to a month. By the way, if you need the coordinates of a management company, you will find them on the receipt for the rent.
Another important item is the payment for intercom. Even if you think you don't need it, but a contract for the maintenance of your home is already signed, you have no right to ignore the payment of the intercom. Refusal to pay for services from a legal point of view is considered partial payment for housing.