Sometimes such errors — just a small oversight. Again, check that the microphone is plugged into the desired port. It can save you time diagnosing problems.

Microphones USB:

Try to change ports. If the port on the front side – switch on the back. If you are using a hub, try without it.

Check drivers:

If necessary, update them through the official website of the manufacturer of your device.

Make sure that your microphone is configured in Windows in accordance with the rules:

  1. Start - control Panel - Multimedia - the Voice

  2. Using "voice Recording" check that "default Device" is fixed on the INPUT of your sound card

  3. Click The Volume

  4. With the help of a volume slider, make sure the option "microphone" is located close to the top.

  5. Close the volume settings and click "Test hardware" to see the installation

  6. If working correctly, update the drivers.

Almost all driver packages include. Sometimes these programs try to take control of the audio devices in their hands. For example, this Creative Mix Console and the RealTek HD Audio Manager. Here too you need to check the microphone and its settings. If you have enabled any unnecessary improvements, try them off. Perhaps the problems will disappear.

Checking the microphone settings in the game:

If you have connected everything correctly, then you need to check microphone settings in the game. The microphone is not working in the "Spectator".

Close the application that may interfere: Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo etc.

The low quality of the voice may occur for several reasons:

  • Feedback/echo

    It is recommended to use a headset with headphones.

  • Low volume

    Some microphones require amplification. This can be checked as follows:

  1. Start - control Panel - Multimedia - the Voice

  2. Using "voice Recording", make sure that "default Device" was recorded at the INPUT of your sound card

  3. Press Volume

  4. Adjust the volume by 50-85%.

  5. Click "Advanced"

  6. Check the +20db mic boost.

  • The crackle/distortion

    Check the connection of the microphone to the computer. If the connection is loose, this could be the reason of low quality voice.

    You also need to make sure that the microphone is not too close to your mouth. The microphone shall be at a distance of 2-2,5 cm